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Established in 2008, Global is a successful, independently-owned and operated company with headquarters in London and Los Angeles.  The creative experience and hands-on approach we offer, is unique to Global. We are proud of our reputation for being an innovative, world-class industry leader – a brand-building and merchandising specialist that over-delivers and consistently generates record sales and profits for our clients. Achieving intelligent merchandising solutions and innovative brand development opportunities, Global maintains integrity and quality across all product offerings and the services we provide.

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Global offers a bespoke, non-corporate and innovative client-focussed service, to fulfil and execute our clients visions and aspirations for their brands.
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We constantly review, evaluate, and leverage new technologies and systems, that disrupt and reinvent the consumer experience, always adding value to our clients' brands by creating fashion-forward and unique products of the highest quality, ensuring we maximise all sales potentials and opportunities.
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With our extensive experience, knowledge and understanding of the merchandising and brand-building industries, Global executes sales strategies to drive our clients' business in the key areas; live events, direct retail distribution, e-commerce direct to consumer, brand extensions, licensing and collaborations, fan engagement and enhanced consumer/VIP experiences and initiatives.


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specialisTS within music, celebrity and entertainment merchandising sectorS.

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