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Global is a brand-building powerhouse, specialising within the music, celebrity, and entertainment merchandising sectors.
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Global are industry leaders for consumer, lifestyle, and brand management. We have headquarters in London and Los Angeles.

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As the exclusive partner for its extensive client roster, Global drives the branding business forward by developing unique and innovative merchandise programs that meet with our clients’ creative vision and consumer demand, worldwide.

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Being the largest independent company within this sector, Global capitalises on our abilities to be nimble, flexible, and innovative, allowing us to focus on growing our client’s revenues and building upon Global’s reputation as an industry leader within our field.
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Protecting brand integrity, Global works closely with clients to build unique programs, meeting with fast-changing fashion and trend demands, while exceeding client and consumer expectations.
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With our extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of the merchandising and brand-building industry, Global executes sales strategies to drive all revenue streams, delivering tailored programs that maximise sales for our clients.
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